Where to Purchase

DiBella Winery

229 Davidson Rd Woolwich Twp NJ 08085 US

*You can text this number if you need to purchase bottles for curbside pickup ...609-221-6201


Cabernet Sauvignon- ‚Äčis a dry, red wine with the aroma of black currant and hints of violet. Pair with steak. 

Pinot Grigio- is a dry, white wine with an aroma of fresh pear and tropical fruit. Pair with poultry dishes. 

Traminette- is a light, crisp, sweet white wine with hints of honey, apricot and citric flavor. Pair with oriental, poultry or seafood dishes. Also great as a dessert wine. Serve chilled.

Lemon Pomegranate- is a semi-sweet red wine that starts with a dry, red base and lemon and pomegranate are added. Serve chilled.

Lampone Delicato "Raspberry Merlot"- is a semi-sweet red wine that starts with a Merlot base and has a rush of sweet Raspberries. Pair with dark chocolate. Serve chilled.

DiBella Reserve-  is a dry red blend of Merlot and Blaufrankisch. It has amazing notes of black cherry, vanilla and cinnamon. Pair with lamb or red meat.